We take care of your health, here is what we do to guarantee a Covid free holiday

We believe that staying at Casa Pietraia should be a unique experience and for this reason we have always hosted only one group at a time.

Those who have stayed at our farmhouse know that the cleanliness of the rooms has always been a feather in our cap but with the current situation we have decided to do even more!

Our collaborators are provided with the necessary PPE for individual protection and we have decided to do a special training to comply with the highest safety standards during the activities carried out at the villa.

The rooms available to our guests (the apartment on the second floor and the billiard room) are regularly cleaned with the utmost care and are sanitized with special products and the use of high temperature steam.

Our garden and the swimming pool, for the exclusive use of our guests, allow you to enjoy the beauty of the Tuscan countryside in complete safety.

Safety is also important for us

We want the time spent at Casa Pietraia to be pleasant and full of good memories; this reinforces the attention we put in the anti Covid-19 procedures to protect our and your health.